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Addiction and Mental Health

Addiction Treatment Many people who are suffering from addictions to alcohol, drugs, and problem gambling are suffering from one or more forms of mental disorders such as chizophrenia, mood & anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. At A Center for Addiction Recovery, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center, mental health disorder treatments are part of our programs that provide comprehensive treatment for both psychiatric and alcohol and other drug (AOD) use disorders.

A number of our clients are diagnosed with dual disorders (also known as “dual diagnosis ”) that suffer from the addiction to a particular substance and are also afflicted with a mental health disorder. We perform a complete assessment upon arrival of each client and treat him or her for the exact disorders that the client is suffering from. Our assessment is performed by licensed medical psychiatrist with over 15 years of experience is the field of drug, alcohol addiction and dual diagnosis disorders. program and AOD treatment models, with each applied at appropriate times and in appropriate situations according to clients’ needs.

Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Services Available at
A Center for Addiction Recovery Include:

For more information on addiction treatment services such as: drug rehab, alcohol rehab, prescription drug rehab, gambling addiction treatment, sex addiction treatment, mood disorders treatment, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders treatment and dual diagnosis treatment, or for a confidential consultation call toll free at: 800-570-4562

Drug Addiction Treatment

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