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Drug Addiction Rehab Facilities

Center For Addiction Recovery is an addiction treatment center offering comprehensive treatment programs from detox to after care, in one campus like location.

Here is a quick in-sight into rehab centers and the way they operate.

You can categorize rehab facilities, generally by three types.
The first type of rehab centers are the ones that consist of a few apartments in a building and a few offices in another location like a business center. Patients are transported by vans to some office buildings for their therapy sessions and transported back to the apartments later in the day. This back and forth transportation is not conducive to an effective and focused treatment.

The second types of rehab centers are the ones that the residential quarters and the therapy rooms are located in the same facility. However the facility does not offer detox but has arrangement with other facilities that provides detox for the patient and then send the patient back to the original facility for the therapies. As you may suspect, these types of facilities, do not offer the best settings for treatment either. The ideal setting is the one that allows the patient to go through the medical detox and therapies with the same set of doctors, nurses and therapists taking care of him or her from the beginning to the end of the treatment. This way the patient is a familiar figure to the care giver community of that facility.

Finally the third type of addiction rehab facility is the one that is not only a licensed facility, but a facility that offers the entire spectrum of addiction treatment in one campus like environment. The staff consists of doctors and nurses with years of experience in the field of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Every detail of daily life while the patient is under their care is taken care of. For example, there is a chef and a nutritionist on staff that unlike in other types of rehab facilities patients in these facilities do not have to eat outside food, only food made in-house by the in-house chef using fresh ingredients that even the amount of fat, salt and sugar in the food is supervised by the nutritionist. There is a detox wing in the same location with staff doctors and nurses who take care of the patient while in detox and then hand the report, at the conclusion of the detox, to the next group of nurses and therapists for the psych. therapy part of the treatment. Additionally, in this facility there is a holistic part to the treatment which includes, among other things, acupuncture, yoga and message therapy. Because of the campus like environment of the facility, there is enough room for outdoor sports like volleyball, basketball or soccer that the patients can participate in. This is important, not only physically for the patients who have not used their body in any physical activities for some time, but psychologically as well, since it helps to re-shape the patient’s social skill and his or her trust in the other members of the society.

Our Rehab Facility

In our rehab facility, our patients have access to all aspects of the treatment from detox to after care. In our 12 acre facility, our patients enjoy the serene environment to reflect and to heal.
There are more therapeutically valuable services offered in our facility and we encourage you to make a quick call and ask our counselors about them. The answers you get will help you make your decision on the facility you choose. Call and ask what is it that we do that has made us so successful in relapse prevention. Ask us how we are helping those suffering from acute addiction or those suffering from PTSD.

For over 10 years we have been successfully treating drug and alcohol addiction as well as other behavioral disorders such as eating, gambling and sexual addictions in our facility. We provide therapy and support to those struggling with the destructive addictive behaviors for a fast and lasting recovery. We make a commitment to all our patients that drug and alcohol addiction recovery in our 12-acre licensed private facility to be safe, effective and comfortable.
The yoga, the massage therapy, the acupuncture and the daily activities will make your recovery comfortable, but it is the hard work of our medical and psychological team that makes your treatment a success.
Our individualized plans, put together by our resident doctors and therapists, provide the emotional, physical, and spiritual healing required for the treatment of many compulsive and addictive behaviors.

Our substance abuse treatment programs are also individualized for each client, according to his or her lifestyle and addictive behaviors. Our goal for all our clients is to not only stop the addiction and destructive behavior they are involved in, but learn to live the productive and sober life they once knew or are searching for now. Realizing that a major setback for all drug or alcohol addiction is relapse, we work with all our clients to understand the triggers for relapse, such as people, locations, and situations--thus minimizing the chances of relapse.

You can take the road to full recovery in a place that offers the type of care and support that has generally been available, for the most part, to the rich and famous.

Popular Drugs - Their Street Names

  • Heroin:

    smack, brown sugar, china white, dope, white horse, junk
  • Opium:

    hop, big O, black stuff, gum
  • Cocaine:

    candy, blow, bump, C, crack, flake, snow, toot
  • Crack:

    love, casper, devil drug, hardball, stones, tornado, moonrocks
  • LSD:

    acid, blotter, cubes, blue heaven
  • Marijuana:

    weed, blunt, dope, grass, mary jane, pot, reefer, trees
  • Methamphetamine:

    glass, ice, meth, crank, chalk, speed
  • Amphetamine:

    uppers, bennies, black beauties, crosses, hearts, speed
  • Synthetic Marijuana:

    yucatan fire, k2, spice, bliss, black mamba, bombay blue, blaze
  • Morphine:

    white stuff, duramorph, M, miss emma, monkey
  • Mushrooms:

    magic mushrooms, shrooms
  • PMA (a synthetic hallucinogen):

    ecstasy, death, Mitsubishi double stack
  • Bath Salts:

    cloud nine, bliss, meow meow, drone, ivory wave, lunar wave
  • Hashish:

    gangster, hash, hemp, hash oil, boom
  • Fentanyl:

    tango and cash, china girl, poison, TNT, jackpot, king ivory
  • Ketamine:

    purple, cat killer, bump, cat valium, green, honey oil, kit kat, psychedelic heroin
  • Rohypnol:

    circles, forget me pill, roche, Mexican valium, roofies, rope
  • MDMA:

    ecstasy, uppers, adam, clarity, eve
  • Mescaline:

    mesc, cactus, buttons, peyote
  • GHB:

    soap, G, Georgia home boy, scoop, liquid ecstasy
  • Flunitrazepam:

    roach, forget me pill, R2, roofies, rope, Mexican valium
  • PCP:

    peace pill, angel dust, boat, love boat
  • Psilocybin:

    purple passion, magic mushrooms, shrooms, little smoke
  • Anabolic steroids, which include Anadrol, Oxandrin, Durabolin, and Depotestosterone:

    gym candy, roids, juice, plumpers
  • Methcathinone:

    the C, bathtub speed, Cadillac express, cat, crank, gagers, go-fast, goob, slick superspeed, star, tweeker, wild cat
  • Ritalin:

    pineapple, kibbles and bits, crackers, pharming, one and ones, poor mans heroin, R-ball, set, skippy
  • DXM (dextromethorphan):

    triple C, robotripping, robo
  • Salvia Divinorum (a psychoactive mint):

    ska pastora, Shepherdesss herb

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